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Premarital Counseling

Looking for premarital counseling?  You have come to the right place!
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Marriage Prep 101 is the longest established premarital counseling resource in the Bay Area.  Michelle Joy, MFT (one of the Marriage Prep 101 Workshop instructors) offers virtual premarital counseling sessions to couples located anywhere in the state of California.

Summary of What You Can Expect To Learn:

  1. Affirm your strengths as a couple.
  2. Align the expectations you have for one another in your relationship.
  3. Assess your level of compatibility and manage your incompatibilities.
  4. Explore the role your family of origin has on your communication dynamics.
  5. Identify challenges and apply effective tools for areas needing change.
  6. Experience proven conflict resolution strategies.
  7. How to truly understand one another meet each other’s needs
  8. Enhance your emotional and sexual intimacy.
  9. Manage personality and gender conflicts.
  10. Create a marriage bond that instills resilience

… And MORE…

You will have opportunities to listen, learn, write exercises in your workbooks, inquire, and have structured dialogues with your partner. Our Marriage Prep 101 premarital counseling package will be tailored to your specific relationship needs, as we make room throughout our time together to be sure your relationship concerns get addressed. Our premarital counseling sessions cover many topics in a positive, proactive and practical way. At the end of our session, you and your partner will together compile an action plan based on new insights, goals and tools you learned together, called a “Marriage Bond.”

Michelle Joy, MFT has been specializing in couples for almost 20 years. During this time, she has observed exactly what couples are doing or not doing that takes them down an unnecessarily painful road as a couple.  This can be prevented by applying our proven tools that are backed by research – and Michelle makes sure that you leave having experienced those tools first-hand, so that you can apply them in your relationship “from this day forward.”  The individualized attention you will receive from Michelle in these sessions are invaluable, as she will be able to observe your particular dynamics, pointing out your strengths as a couple and offering guidance for your challenges.


Location: Our premarital counseling sessions are available virtually for couples anywhere in the state of CaliforniaVIP photo

Time: Our premarital counseling package is approximately 7 hours in length.  We could together choose a full day, Monday through Saturday that works for all of us 9 AM to approximately 5:00 PM, with 1 hour off for lunch (the times and days can be flexible).

Or if you prefer, we could instead meet for 3.5 hours twice.

Includes: 2 workbooks that are physically mailed to your home

Please contact us here for more information.

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Now offering premarital counseling sessions via Tele health to couples in the state of California!Click here