About Marriage Prep 101 Leaders


Michelle Joy, MFT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been working with Relationship Experts, Dr Ellyn Bader and Dr Peter Pearson at The Couples Institute & CICS in Menlo Park for 15 years. Michelle Joy leads Communication Workshops for Couples, sees individuals and couples in her private practice and trains therapists locally and nationally. Through her work with long term couples, Michelle has heard that a lot of couples really wished they had the tools earlier in their relationships.

Dan Joy holds advanced education in Communication Studies, Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Dan is also a value-based and successful Realtor who supports and guides couples through one of the biggest commitments and financial decisions of their lives. In addition, he has a background in health and fitness which caters to couples and families, while strengthening relationships. From personal experience and observations, Dan believes that learning relationship skills is the most important decisions you can make early on in your relationship.

Dan and Michelle, a happily married couple, are very excited to lead Marriage Prep 101 together.