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In the throes of wedding planning and seemingly endless lists of “things to do” before the wedding, taking a time-out to spend such quality time with one another at Marriage Prep 101 was hands-down the best part of this blissful process so far – and that says a lot coming from a details girl! Marriage Prep 101 touches on a variety of aspects surrounding marriage and commitment with real life examples backed up by scientific research…and best of all, humor! It was so wonderful to devote that time just to US and to the importance of creating our marriage bond. And while we both felt very confident about our relationship from the onset, we appreciated the opportunity to talk through potential issues and “traps” as well as create a game plan for our marriage to get us started on the right foot. It was a way to build a foundation of communication and understanding that we may have not otherwise put the concerted effort towards creating had we not taken the class. By doing some simple excercises, it was amazing to see certain assumptions that we had about each other’s feelings and perceptions totally turned on their head, just by simply learning to communicate in a new way. Very enlightening and transformational.

Realizing that even the best laid plans often go awry, we feel ever more confident in our ability to communicate with one another and resolve conflicts “in the present” and have already reaped the many benefits of the workshop – even before our marriage has begun! We were deeply inspired by the other couples in the class and enjoyed sharing the experience with people in all different stages of relationships. We agree that this is the best investment that we’ve put towards the marriage so far, and highly recommend it to all couples seeking a healthy dose of relationship reality.

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