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With only two and half months until our wedding date, Matt and I were on a path to divorce before we were even married. We argued all the time about small insignificant things as well as very important life changing decisions. We knew that we needed something to help us figure things out but did not know exactly what. A marriage therapist was not our style and going to our family was not working out. I found Marriage Prep 101 during an online search and was drawn to the fact that it was not counseling, instead skills and tools to creating a great marriage. I signed us up for the next workshop.

The structure and setting of the workshop was extremely comfortable. Matt does not like being forced to talk but not once did he feel pressured. Only when he was ready did he raise his hand to share or ask for help. It was never just from the male or females perspective, it came from both of them.

Matt and I took away many great tools to keep our relationship alive, healthy and spiced up. We are able to use their expertise in all aspects of our relationship. Matt and I really needed to work on our conflict resolution approach. They gave us several tools on how to argue in a productive way and we were able to take away the two that worked best for our personalities. Their Ground Rules for Conflict Resolution have been invaluable to our lives. We both appreciated the fact that the workshop helped us focus on the positives in our relationship and not the negatives that are so easy to fall into. The 5 to 1 ratio is vital in our day to day lives. We also found their Incompatibilities Exercise helped to resolve a big issue in our house. Finally, we practice their suggested 20 second hug every morning!

Marriage Prep 101 will change the way you view your relationship with your partner. We highly recommend the workshop. Make a weekend out of it like we did by reserving a hotel room and having a nice dinner together. It will add even more value to the experience.

Our Marriage Prep 101 Program is now virtual!Click here to learn more