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Marriage Prep 101 was everything we had hoped for as we rapidly approach our wedding day. Marie and I both agree that San Francisco is a wonderful venue, and wish to encourage other out-of-area couples to take the course. We used our free time to enjoy the sights and the great restaurants, while discussing the concepts, exercises, and studies you both presented. Like most couples, the time we spend together is often cloudy with busy schedules and daily dealings (and my 11 year old in the house), and we might never really be able to set aside time to work on our relationship. Marriage Prep 101 helped us to dedicate that time, with a well constructed plan of action. The Relate test, and the way you both integrate it into the curriculum, was a very useful element that otherwise would have been informative, but unintelligible – you made the science approachable. We both agree that the course helped us to discover new insights into each other’s thoughts and feelings, while also affirming the strengths in our relationship that will help us grow as a couple. In fact, we spent Sunday just enjoying each other’s company with a sort of relief that we had many of the right tools, and some new skills to use them. One of the great aspects of San Francisco is the diverse selection of restaurants and activities- far beyond what we can find at home. We enjoyed some great Italian, and a Korean restaurant (that was new for both of us) we took a Ghost Walk, and shopped for some awesome wines to take back. We hope other couples considering the workshop (or parents who wish to get them a great gift) will take our word and sign up. It is both time and money very well spent. Thanks again.

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