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We are really happy that we decided to attend the Marriage Prep 101 workshop, and we felt that it was a very worth while investment in our future. We were confident in our relationship going in, but the workshop solidified that we are good partners and gave us some very practical tools that are going to be very useful for getting through challenging situations. We found the conflict resolution topic to be the most useful for us – the exercises gave us a way to talk about subjects that are usually more stressful in a very constructive way (money, how we incorporate religion, etc.), and it also highlighted some surprisingly simple insights – like the fact that you don’t have to actually solve an issue in one sitting. The format of the Marriage Prep 101 workshop works great. Lecture-style presentations are alternated with personal experiences and anecdotes, and give the couples plenty of time and good structure to go through individual exercises. As a result, the whole experience feels very productive without being too long or overwhelming. Finally, we appreciated that the workshop doesn’t have a religious affiliation – something that was important to us because we come from different religious backgrounds.

Thank you for a great experience, and we highly recommend Marriage Prep 101 to anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship!

Our Marriage Prep 101 Program is now virtual!Click here to learn more