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We have been seriously dating for two years. Although we’re generally satisfied with our relationship, we knew we would need to resolve a few issues before we could take it to the next level. When we found Marriage Prep 101, we liked the fact that it was non-religious and the description sounded like just what we were looking for!

The workshop centered around the seven keys to a lifelong marriage. The examples they gave were realistic and clearly illustrated the concept they were presenting (good humor too!) There was nothing overly touchy-feeling since it’s all very practical advice. Throughout the workshop, couples were given the opportunity to try out some of the tools on the spot with coaching if necessary.

Most importantly, they emphasized not to just let this knowledge “live in our heads” but to incorporate them in our daily routine. Some of the tools we found particularly useful were learning your partner’s love language and the structured approach to conflict resolution.

After taking the workshop, we felt that it was one of the best time/money investment we’ve made for our relationship. The skills and tools gave us renewed confidence that we’ll be able to work through our current and future challenges. We’re telling our engaged and seriously dating friends about the workshop because it should be on every couple’s wedding to-do list.

Our Marriage Prep 101 Program is now virtual!Click here to learn more