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It’s easy to get caught up in wedding planning and all the “to do’s” on the list. We’re really glad we made taking the Marriage Prep 101 workshop a priority. We feel it put into perspective the extent of the life change we are about to enter. After spending time on Friday evening, clarifying expectations and and then on Saturday, learning various communication tools we felt even more confident about our decision to marry and love for each other. We made a weekend out of the seminar by spending a few great days in San Francisco.

We’re so glad we did because we left the workshop on Saturday afternoon with a clear vision–a Mission Statement actually– that we wrote together on how and what we were going to make our marriage satisfying and enduring. This helped us to confirm our commitment to be together.

It also helped to be in a room with other couples going through the same challenges was really helpful. We are both pretty athletic and enjoy training for races and runs so it only made sense to train for this most important life event!

Thanks again for a great weekend we’ll recommend your course to all our friends and their partners.

Our Marriage Prep 101 Program is now virtual!Click here to learn more