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After a year of seriously dating, my boyfriend and I took Marriage Prep 101. We were at the point where we knew we wanted to make the commitment to marry, but were hesitant because we had yet to work through some fundamental issues. Although we had been going to premarital counseling for three months, it wasn’t until we took the Marriage Prep 101 workshop that we finally saw the bigger picture and made real progress in our relationship.

It’s a good thing the workbook we were provided had wide margins because we were both taking notes as fast as we could write them! Marriage Prep 101 is based on the most current marriage research–they made numerous references to different books or authors in the field for further reading, which was very helpful. Throughout the 10-hour workshop, my boyfriend and I kept looking at each other as each new topic was introduced that applied directly to issues we were having. What we figured out was that coming from parents who had unhappy, unsuccessful marriages, we just didn’t know what made a good marriage work. After the workshop, we have a clear picture of the research surrounding marital success, as well as a list of the areas we will need to work on and the strategies to do just that. As soon as we got home, we called up his brother who is currently engaged and told him he had to take this course. In a culture where we spend thousands of dollars to get married, spending a few hundred to help ensure we stay married is the easiest decision to make, and one we will recommend to all of our family and friends contemplating marriage. Thanks again!

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