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Marriage Prep 101 was an amazing experience and a highly recommended must-do for anyone interested in having a truly successful relationship; whether you are getting ready for marriage (as we are), already married, or seriously dating – there is definitely something that you can learn from this workshop.

Marriage Prep 101 is a class that is loaded with relevant and useful information, resources, and tools that help you to better understand yourself and your contribution to the Relationship, and will allow you to further strengthen this bond.

They teach in such a way that is fun, concise, and REAL, using examples from their own relationship that made us feel so validated and gave us a lot of encouragement in knowing there are useful and effective ways to deal with differences. And it can be FUN!

Taking this workshop will help you become better individuals and a better “WE”!!

Our Marriage Prep 101 Program is now virtual!Click here to learn more